Learn Why Farmers and Their Crops Prefer Drip Irrigation

Of all the different methods used in agricultural irrigation today, drip irrigation systems remain a popular favorite for many great reasons.

Used by agricultural businesses large and small to carefully monitor the growth of their plants, drip irrigation puts water exactly where it is needed without any wasting of this valuable resource.

So, what are the fantastic reasons why farmers and their crops prefer drip systems whenever they can be used?

Read on!


Available in both low-pressure and high-pressure setups, drip irrigation systems are relatively easy to plan out, set up, and modify as needed to keep the water flowing directly to every plant in the orchard or small field.

They also work on any type of terrain, whether flat or hilly, to deliver water directly to the plant root to be immediately absorbed without washing away.

Water Conservation

Evaporation and water wastage due to overwatering are two prime factors that farmers must contend with when irrigating crops.

Both use up more water than the plants actually absorb, meaning higher water costs and greater stress on this dangerously shrinking natural resource.

Using drip irrigation, it is possible to keep yield high without wasting precious water, and have a more sustainable agricultural operation.

Higher Yields - Fewer Weeds

Drip agricultural irrigation ensures that only crops get the water so they can produce to their fullest ability, while the weeds are starved of water so they cannot grow at all.

Any Water Quality

Unlike many other irrigation systems that may not be usable with anything other than fresh water that is completely free from sediments and other impurities, drip irrigation systems can easily use that water without a problem.

Fertilizer Delivery

Like other irrigation systems, drip systems can be used to apply fertilizer to the plants, too.

By delivering the fertilizer directly to the plant, fertilizer wastage and costs are reduced over application via spraying systems and other methods.

Reduced Labor Costs

One more great benefit of using a drip irrigation system is the savings in labor costs.

Between the ease of setting up and maintaining these systems, their flexibility, the direct delivery of water and fertilizer, and the choking out of weeds, irrigation can be successfully handled by fewer workers in fewer hours.

Adding Up All The Benefits

Noting all of these advantages, it is no wonder why growers of all kinds turn to drip agricultural irrigation systems when they can.

While drip systems may not be suitable for expansive acreages of crops, they are an ideal solution for smaller planted plots, orchards, and anywhere that applying water directly to each, individual plant is possible.

Irrigation System Design Tips that Will Save Your Farm

Any time of the year, farm and ranch owners can and should make sure their irrigation system is working correctly as money and time can be saved through repairs, upgrades, and revisions.

An entire farm or ranch investment can be protected by a good irrigation system design and property value can be enhanced significantly.

Get Professional Irrigation Services

Seeking the services of farm irrigation professionals is the best way to begin the process of making sure a farm stays green.

Professional advice, product recommendations, irrigation system design, and other services are provided by quality irrigation companies.

Most irrigation systems need to designed right from the start and that requires knowledge and professionalism to set up the layout needed to ensure crops grow well.

Specific Irrigation System Needs

Head to head water coverage is a must when designing an irrigation system as water coverage needs to overlap in a proper irrigation system design as the water from heads should reach the heads to the sides as well as across from them.

For example, the heads should be spaced fifteen feet apart if they have fifteen-foot nozzles which can be clearly designed by irrigation system services.

It is important that the irrigation system devices are fine-tuned.

For slopes, the heads should be either pointed slightly downward or upward plus there are adjustable nozzles that can be set for various angles or static nozzles that come in a variety of angles.

Use State of the Art Advancements for Improved Performance

Great versatility can be achieved with the programming abilities of today's wide array of cutting edge irrigation system controllers.

It is advisable to use a digital electronic type as this is your most user-friendly option according to the vast majority of farm owners and they are affordable.

Many people and some professional irrigation system specialists overlook the value of automatic rain shut off sensors that are easy to install, very affordable, and not very big.

These should be incorporated into any farm irrigation system design plan.

In Summary

Because there are so many different options for irrigation system services, going to the professionals is the best solution.

Experienced irrigation system design professionals have the years of experience necessary to make sure the job is done right.

Importance Of Farm Irrigation

Irrigation systems are in practice to supply water to the soil by using synthetic measures.

It is prerequisite to provide and maintain the moisture level of soil for the proper and healthy growth of a plant.

This type of irrigation system is applicable in all plant farming areas like fields, orchards, plant nurseries, gardens, etc.

Different methods are now working for the purpose of proper distribution of water to plants for better productivity.

Types of Irrigation Techniques

According to needs of agriculture practices, numerous techniques are being developed to irrigate water for the crops.

All of these are designed according to the requirement of water, nature of seasonal crop impact, initial cost and labor required.

The main purpose of all of this modification is to improve the overall progress of the crop and profit.

There are following types developed to achieve these goals.

Surface Method - A process which helps to distribute water in the farming land with the help of the natural force of gravity called surface application.

This form is also known as flood method and is an example of traditional artificial water supply.

Seventy percent of people from farming background adopt this irrigation system because it is simple in application and cost-effective.

This category is sub-grouped into basin, uncontrolled, furrow and border category also. Basin and border are used in orchards where generally fruit trees are growing.

Other methods are widely used for all other farming applications

Drip Irrigation - In this process, water is provided to plant by using the tube like fabrication which has a small diameter. Trickle irrigation is another name of this type which is used by common man. It provides water in the form of droplets. It helps to reduce the water loss as well as helping to provide nutrients to the plant.

Sprinkler - Here a small device is being attached to the pipe which helps to discharge water like a rainfall. A sprinkler irrigation system is used for many different types of crops and is sometimes also used to suppress the dust in surroundings.

Sub-surface - In this world, there are few geographical areas where a level of the water is low as compared to other regions for example dry areas.

In such circumstances, plants are unable to take water from the soil for the purpose of their growth.

This is a permanent setting of irrigation systems inside the soil which provides water directly to the plant roots of the soils to facilitate their growth fully.

This is the most expensive method as compared to others.

Perfect Agriculture Irrigation Systems Can Really Benefit You

[[https://www.atsirrigation.com/]], farm irrigation

Irrigation can make a huge difference in your agricultural operations, yet some people see it as just another step that they have to take to set everything up and don't pay so much attention to the finer details.

Yet if you take the time to look for a good solution for agricultural grown, you'll see a lot of benefits from irrigation for a long time in the future.

This is especially important if you're relying on your growing operation on any significant level, then the initial investment into an irrigation solution is going to be of great importance later on.

Customized Agricultural Irrigation System Design

Most general purpose agriculture irrigation systems aren't suitable for all agricultural needs; no matter how intricately a system might be designed, it will usually not fit your growing operation 100% perfectly.

This is why you should contact a company that can design a customized solution for you to provide irrigation that will not only match your current needs perfectly but also be scalable enough to allow you for expansion later on without too much effort.

Work With A Qualified Agricultural Irrigation System Company

Since this is going to take some time, contact an irrigation company and have them come around for an evaluation of your property to tell evaluate your land and its needs, then advise what an entire agricultural irrigation system will cost.

That last part is important because you may need to make some preparations to accommodate the technology of your new irrigation system, especially if you're planning on something more complex that requires careful preparation.

Monitor Irrigation Results

After your agricultural irrigation system is in place, you'll want to make sure that it runs flawlessly as well.

Of course, this does depend on your need to monitor the system and check for problems and adjust some features of the system.

When you select an experienced agricultural irrigation system company, any problems that arise will be dealt with quickly and professionally, because leaving even small issues unattended can be a disaster when it comes to an irrigation system.

Know The Warranty

Be sure to confirm with the agricultural irrigation systems company you select the details of the warranty for your selected irrigation system to make sure of what it will cover.

Sometimes you may have the option to buy an extended warranty or something of that sort which is usually well worth the extra price.

Also make sure that there's not something that's prohibited by the warranty that you commonly do with your irrigation systems, which could potentially void your warranty.

Hopefully all of this will help you find the right agricultural irrigation system for your usage!

Contact Your Local Agricultural Irrigation System Company!

Drip Depot DIY Irrigation Support

https://www.atsirrigation.com, drip irrigation

With the current economy, it is clear to see why all the big DIY box stores are doing so well. The DIY market has grown by margins not seen for quite some time. The most common problem with this type of venue is the lack of knowledge from the clerks during/after the sale. They will tell you all about the products and benefits of installing an automatic sprinkler system, but what about the designing, installation process, code requirements, etc. drip irrigation system parts


While there are many places to gain the knowledge and support for DIY projects, I have found that the sprinkler/irrigation department is one area that is lacking the support for the DIYer. All kinds of DIY books are available out there but still lack in the support dept. If DIY is something that you are going to tackle, make sure the support comes with the rest of the package.


Designing the system is equally (if not more important) than the installation. It does not matter how good your product is if it is not installed properly. You are going to bury the bulk of the system in the ground, and (trust me) you do not want to have to dig it up due to poor design. You need to have a proper design before you can even consider starting the installation.


Problems and questions will come up, its inevitable. Ensure support after the sale is available. As a professional contractor I have seen many systems installed poorly. I have found they cost just as much to repair them, as to install them properly from the beginning. Unlike other projects, once installed, its impossible to give it the quick fix remedy. drip irrigation system services


Installing a sprinkler system will pay off with great benefits like:


INCREASED VALUE: Your property value will increase 3% or more.

EFFICIENCY: The system only waters landscaped areas, not the street.

TIDY: No unsightly hoses and sprinklers laying on the lawn.


Your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood, as long as it is done right. It has never been a better time for the DIYer to roll up their sleeves and get dirty, saving huge amounts of their hard earned cash. Just make sure you have what you need to do it right. drip irrigation system installation

Drip Irrigation – Source For the Environment Resources

https://www.atsirrigation.com, drip irrigation

Drip irrigation is properly a proficient watering framework for gardening for some reasons. This article will concentrate on its viability for explaining a large portion of the watering the executive's arrangements. drip irrigation system services


You more likely than not go over the way that hand watering every single plant does not really encourage them to get a sufficient measure of splashing. Along these lines, in such cases, drip irrigation can be useful. It can supply water specifically at the simple underlying foundations of the plants. Along these lines, it gives the further dimension of watering than the surface dimension and all the more critically lessens the wastage of water came about because of dissipation.


Before introducing drip irrigation frameworks, some pre-arranging will encourage you. Most importantly, you are encouraged to view garden, plants and other watering necessities. As such, your irrigation framework relies on the distinctive necessities. For example, on the off chance that you have huge trees or bushes it will require periodic profound watering. In the event that it is a vegetable garden, it will require visit watering. Along these lines, pick a framework which suits your sorts and state of your garden. drip irrigation system supply


It would be better in the event that you plan your very own drip irrigation framework. You are prompted not to cover the irrigation line since it will encourage you to make changes in accordance with your watering design required. Additionally, while buying irrigation units pick a pack which can be extended and you will consequently have the capacity to include new drip lines later on whenever required. By joining certain parts like tubing, valves, programmed clock, fittings, channels, producers and so forth you can make your very own irrigation framework. If you discover any trouble, you can visit the closest garden for more data. 


Drip irrigation framework is commonly utilized in farming territory where there are unforgiving condition and the constraint of water. As the time went off the agriculturists encountered that this strategy for drip irrigation enables them to expand yields by bringing down the water use. After that this irrigation procedure takes the state of believing one which is received strategy in horticulture as well as in business scene and private gardens too.


Drip irrigation encourages the moderate supply of water specifically to the root zone of the plants. This aide in keeping up a required dampness level in the dirt and this is the way less water is lost in nature. At the end of the day, the water supply at the required place encourages less dissipation of water from soil or leaves and this aide in sparing water which is an additionally preferred standpoint. In addition, it stops the germination of weeds developed between your plants. This drip irrigation framework if perfect for slanting strangely formed zones and blustery environment. drip irrigation system design

Significance of Efficient Irrigation

https://www.atsirrigation.com, irrigation

For long time irrigation has been around for as long as humans have started farming. The first invention after humans learned to grow plants from seeds was probably a bucket. You can imagine the archaic way of how human being from the ancient days manually irrigated their crops by hauling buckets of water so that they can water their plants. Fast forward to the 21st century, and you'll see how times have drastically changed with the onset of more efficient irrigation systems and mechanized methods are now available for everybody to benefit. irrigation pipes


In most countries, irrigation has become a widespread activity to make up for rainfall deficiency with water from other sources to assist in pasture and crop production. In dry areas irrigation is critical for agriculture. Agriculture is said to be a significant contributor to the economy of many countries both directly and indirectly. For instance, manufacturing and service sectors that use farm outputs are important contributors to increase employment and cultivate state products. Therefore, that is why efficient irrigation equipment and irrigation systems are in high demand.



Irrigation methods have improved over many years giving a chance for more better production per megalitre of water utilized. Current irrigation methods include systems such as butterfly Sprinklers, impact sprinklers, centre pivot irrigation, surface and drip irrigation. The common crops produced using irrigation are; rice, canola, cotton, sugar, some fruits, tree crops as well as pasture, grain and hay for use in dairy and beef production. Irrigation system parts


Large-scale agricultural places require centre pivot irrigation. This is a method of crop irrigation in which irrigation equipment rotates around a pivot. It involves creating a circular pattern in crops if viewed from above when a circular area centre on the pivot is irrigated. Initially, most centre pivot irrigation systems were water-powered. These have then been replaced by the electric motor-driven system and hydraulic systems. Most systems nowadays are electric motor driven when mounted at each tower. With this technology, advanced irrigation systems and equipment are now available to boost the Agricultural sector. irrigation system design

Farm Irrigation

Irrigation is different dry land farming which relies mainly on direct rainfall or referred to as rain-fed. Dust suppression, disposal of sewage and mining are some of the other uses of irrigation. Farm Irrigation

The process of applying artificial water to the soil is known as Irrigation. This gives assistance in growth of agricultural crops, maintenance of landscapes and revegetation of disturbed soils in dry areas especially during times where we experience inadequate rainfall. Irrigation helps in crop production. It protects plants against frost, suppresses weed growing n the grain fields and prevents soil consolidation.

Land irrigation has different general methods: Surface Irrigation occurs when water is dispersed over the surface of the soil. Consequently, water is applied under strain like virtual rain, in Sprinkler Irrigation. Sprinkler Irrigation System Services

The fraction of the population that needs irrigation are farmers. However, there are different characteristics between agribusiness and farming families. The word farmer refers to those of share tenants who may be transferred by their landlord from time to time from one location to another.

The variance in quantity and quality of soil and water are known to be the Impacts of Irrigation on Environment. This is the result of irrigation that targets the effects on natural and social conditions of the irrigation scheme

The changed hydrological conditions unsettled to the mechanism and process of the scheme is the root impact. Water is drained from the river and distributes it over the irrigated area during the irrigation scheme. Yet, as a hydrological result it is established that there is a raise in the desertion and groundwater recharge in the scheme, a decline in the downstream river, a rise in waterlevel table and, the drainage flow is increased. These are straight effects. Farm Irrigation System Installation

Conversely, complex and indirect results are those which influence the soil and water quality like soil salination and water logging whereas the successive impacts on natural, socio-economic and ecological conditions is very complicated




Irrigation Systems in the Farm

Farm Irrigation is best suited for dry areas and the supply of water is very limited. With the use of irrigation, water is distributed and used in such a way that they reach the exact point where water is needed without wasting anything. The present situation of the world indicates the importance of the widely use of the water resources, especially in irrigation. As a result, a lot of farmers resorted to the use of irrigation wherein they were able to enjoy the profits it delivers through the increased crop yields as well as the reduction in energy cost, water, labor, chemical use, and water runoff. 

Garden needs regular water to grow well. Many people prefer a farm irrigation system in the garden instead of watering it themselves. Most people think of only one solution and that is the giant irrigation system used in huge fields. These sprinklers are usually costly and also difficult to install. Moreover, they can be quite complicated. However, the good news is that now there are smaller irrigation systems that are available for personal gardens. They are easy to use and are energy and water efficient. Farm Irrigation Systems Services

As you already know rainwater is the best form of water for plants. The modern irrigation system uses the rainwater for the plants. Therefore, it minimizes your water bill and also the electricity bill. The rain water irrigating systems come with a timer and you can program it as per your convenience. These types of systems can be customized based on the garden's needs. The garden layout is taken into consideration and the sprinklers are installed based on that. Farm irrigation System Supply

The sprinklers will be placed at regular intervals in the garden and the system will use the existing pipes. The installation procedure involves connecting the pipework and inserting the water jets. This is so simple that you can do it yourself. If you do the installation yourself, it will bring down the cost significantly.

The timer is directly connected to the tap. Also, you can control the coverage of these sprinklers. The pressure mainly depends on the jets you are using. There are various types of jets available in the market. These jets can sprinkle the water far enough so that a larger area of the garden is covered.  Farm irrigation System Installation



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