Learn Why Farmers and Their Crops Prefer Drip Irrigation

Of all the different methods used in agricultural irrigation today, drip irrigation systems remain a popular favorite for many great reasons.

Used by agricultural businesses large and small to carefully monitor the growth of their plants, drip irrigation puts water exactly where it is needed without any wasting of this valuable resource.

So, what are the fantastic reasons why farmers and their crops prefer drip systems whenever they can be used?

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Available in both low-pressure and high-pressure setups, drip irrigation systems are relatively easy to plan out, set up, and modify as needed to keep the water flowing directly to every plant in the orchard or small field.

They also work on any type of terrain, whether flat or hilly, to deliver water directly to the plant root to be immediately absorbed without washing away.

Water Conservation

Evaporation and water wastage due to overwatering are two prime factors that farmers must contend with when irrigating crops.

Both use up more water than the plants actually absorb, meaning higher water costs and greater stress on this dangerously shrinking natural resource.

Using drip irrigation, it is possible to keep yield high without wasting precious water, and have a more sustainable agricultural operation.

Higher Yields - Fewer Weeds

Drip agricultural irrigation ensures that only crops get the water so they can produce to their fullest ability, while the weeds are starved of water so they cannot grow at all.

Any Water Quality

Unlike many other irrigation systems that may not be usable with anything other than fresh water that is completely free from sediments and other impurities, drip irrigation systems can easily use that water without a problem.

Fertilizer Delivery

Like other irrigation systems, drip systems can be used to apply fertilizer to the plants, too.

By delivering the fertilizer directly to the plant, fertilizer wastage and costs are reduced over application via spraying systems and other methods.

Reduced Labor Costs

One more great benefit of using a drip irrigation system is the savings in labor costs.

Between the ease of setting up and maintaining these systems, their flexibility, the direct delivery of water and fertilizer, and the choking out of weeds, irrigation can be successfully handled by fewer workers in fewer hours.

Adding Up All The Benefits

Noting all of these advantages, it is no wonder why growers of all kinds turn to drip agricultural irrigation systems when they can.

While drip systems may not be suitable for expansive acreages of crops, they are an ideal solution for smaller planted plots, orchards, and anywhere that applying water directly to each, individual plant is possible.