Importance Of Farm Irrigation

Irrigation systems are in practice to supply water to the soil by using synthetic measures.

It is prerequisite to provide and maintain the moisture level of soil for the proper and healthy growth of a plant.

This type of irrigation system is applicable in all plant farming areas like fields, orchards, plant nurseries, gardens, etc.

Different methods are now working for the purpose of proper distribution of water to plants for better productivity.

Types of Irrigation Techniques

According to needs of agriculture practices, numerous techniques are being developed to irrigate water for the crops.

All of these are designed according to the requirement of water, nature of seasonal crop impact, initial cost and labor required.

The main purpose of all of this modification is to improve the overall progress of the crop and profit.

There are following types developed to achieve these goals.

Surface Method - A process which helps to distribute water in the farming land with the help of the natural force of gravity called surface application.

This form is also known as flood method and is an example of traditional artificial water supply.

Seventy percent of people from farming background adopt this irrigation system because it is simple in application and cost-effective.

This category is sub-grouped into basin, uncontrolled, furrow and border category also. Basin and border are used in orchards where generally fruit trees are growing.

Other methods are widely used for all other farming applications

Drip Irrigation - In this process, water is provided to plant by using the tube like fabrication which has a small diameter. Trickle irrigation is another name of this type which is used by common man. It provides water in the form of droplets. It helps to reduce the water loss as well as helping to provide nutrients to the plant.

Sprinkler - Here a small device is being attached to the pipe which helps to discharge water like a rainfall. A sprinkler irrigation system is used for many different types of crops and is sometimes also used to suppress the dust in surroundings.

Sub-surface - In this world, there are few geographical areas where a level of the water is low as compared to other regions for example dry areas.

In such circumstances, plants are unable to take water from the soil for the purpose of their growth.

This is a permanent setting of irrigation systems inside the soil which provides water directly to the plant roots of the soils to facilitate their growth fully.

This is the most expensive method as compared to others.